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About us

We believe no one should face crisis alone. 

Since 2010, our holistic model of advice, support and emergency food has supported people out of crisis, to live more sustainably within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets – an area with the highest level of child poverty in the UK.

Crisis can take many forms, ranging from serious ill health, debt, homelessness, right through to domestic violence coupled withan ‘income shock’, leaving vulnerable adults without the financial resources to provide the most basic needs for themselves or their dependents trapping them in a cycle of poverty. We work quickly to restore income, and tackle the underlying causes of crisis to get people back on their feet as fast as possible.

We were the first charity in the UK to integrate advice and support as a key part of our service, alongside food, because we understand that food alone is not the solution. Our model is considered highly respected - in 2014, the APPG on Hunger & Poverty cited our model as most effective in tackling poverty anywhere in the UK.

The recent pandemic saw the demand for our service soar by 900%, which meant we became key workers, almost overnight. We quickly launched an Emergency Model which allowed us to deliver all aspects of our service remotely and with social distancing measures in mind. We supported 3762 children and adults between 16th March – 5th July 2020. Now our biggest challenge is to continue raising funds to prepare us for what lies ahead. With your help, we can continue to respond to the needs of the borough. 

Your donation is incredibly important to us. The critical work we do is funded solely by our community. Without donations like yours this simply would not be possible.


Other Ways You Can Support Us

Fundraise For Us

Many schools, churches, business and individuals donate tonnes of food to our foodbank to help tackle food poverty. Food is a fundamental human need and ‘no food’ is a crisis that requires an immediate response. However, very rarely does the crisis of ‘no food’ present itself without underlying factors. Support is needed from our fundraisers and funders to help us transform lives - from one of crisis to one that is sustainable. There is no limit to what you can do, from a bake sale to a 10k run your efforts will help give a local person in crisis much more than food, but hope for the future.

Our Manifesto

We believe everyone deserves to be loved. We don’t turn our heads away. We don’t close our eyes. No one should feel desperation. No one should feel unloved and alone. No one should slip through the cracks. We put more than meals in bellies. We put hope in hearts. We put lives back on track. We open eyes and make others feel empathy. We are the bridge between crisis and resilience. We turn fear into confidence. We help people take control of their own lives. We empower them to start living again. Because everyone has the right to be loved.

If you'd like more information about making a donation or volunteering, please visit our website.

First Love Foundation works in partnership with a wide range of agencies across Tower Hamlets to reach out to those who are facing crisis - be it bereavement, sudden illness, debt or benefit delay. 

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